Something (belatedly) for the weekend #403

by NobblySan

Dunc has been doing this for too long for us to miss a week.

Here’s some classy blues from a couple of old gits who know a thing or two about guitars.


8 Comments to “Something (belatedly) for the weekend #403”

  1. hmmm . . .

    In ‘related’ appears the post ‘A good reason to Drink’, in which Dunc lays out his plans for what we should do in case he doesn’t post anything for a while.

    It looks like he’s either in the pub, or has snuffed it.

    Now, if only I could remember his phone number, I could ring him up to ask him which one it is.


  2. Now that is a truly terrifying thought. As if being on your own weren’t enough, you’d be on your own in a haunted house


    • Makes sense.

      “Don’t throw your hand” – hmmm, good advice I guess. Else how can you “hold on”.

      I solved the issue of what to hold on to when I realised I had the answer right here.

      But the full meaning is in the emojis.

      You’ll be sad if you cut your dick off :[ </3


  3. I reckon he’s got a touch of:


  4. I know that Dunc likes a drink, so maybe ‘e gon to Lambrusco Land Sherry Land Port Land. Or ‘e gon somewhere else, maybe ?


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