Thank God, we can all now sleep safe in our beds

by sticky

behind bars

No, I’m not referring to Dunc’s alleged disappearance, but the news that the government now considers that somebody who runs amok with a butcher’s knife or machete on our busy city streets, or blows dozens of innocent concert-goers to smithereens, is more deserving of punishment than hardened criminals such as these unsavoury, dangerous characters. Just.

Yes, they have introduced a minimum sentence of 14 years for ‘serious’ terrorist crimes:

Although Lezley Gibson, thankfully, avoided being imprisoned for her ‘crimes’, she could have, legally, received a sentence of upto 14 years.

So there you have it:

‘Serious’ terrorism – just a bit more serious than growing cannabis.

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12 Comments to “Thank God, we can all now sleep safe in our beds”

  1. You have to be careful around these master criminals.

    I still shudder when I recall Percy Thrower once brazenly saying on air during Gardeners’ Question time:

    “No, Mr. bond – I expect you to die”

    Chilling, it was.


  2. Chilling it was, what with Bond coming yester die !


  3. Unlike the photo, I don’t have bars around my bed.


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