Something for the lost weekend #406

by NobblySan

There can only be one tune for this one


9 Comments to “Something for the lost weekend #406”

  1. How’s that working out for y’all in the back, huh ?

    . . . Hell-oo !

    . . . Hell-oo-ooo !


  2. Damn fine chewn Mr ratty.


  3. Exactly which video were you trying to post?

    Not something by Val Doonican, I hope.


  4. LOST IN THE ECHO (Official Video) – Linkin Park

    It was meant to be (apart from the great music) a kind of clever joke.

    But, it’s ruined now . . .

    RUINED, I tells yer !


  5. You mean this one?

    I never had you down as a Linkin Park fan. As I said, Val Doonican seemed more your style.


  6. Yup ! That’s the one.

    Yet, despite Linkin Park’s assistance, Duncan still hasn’t been found.

    (PS : You bet your sweet bippy. Val Doonican is cool man, a gas. Dig it ? Show me some skin, bro !)


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