Another Joke of the Day

by ratty

Customer in Grocery shop : “2 lbs of Kiddley beans, please.”

Grocer : “Don’t you mean Kidney beans ?”

Customer, in exasperation : “that’s what I said, diddle I ?”

11 Comments to “Another Joke of the Day”

  1. Humph . . . some comments are needled !


  2. . . . and where is this weeks “Something for the Weekendle” ?


  3. That customer then walked along the High Street, and stopped to look at the display in a butcher’s window.

    He went inside and the assistant asked how he could help him.

    “I’d like three of those pissoles you’ve got in the window” he said.

    The butcher replied: “That’s not a ‘p’, it’s an ‘r’.”

    “OK, I’ll have three of those arseholes, then!”

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  4. In a remote South Wales village, the cemetery was at the top of a hill.

    As the hearse was grinding its way slowly up the hill one day, it hit a pothole and the tailgate flew open allowing the coffin to slide out onto the steep road.

    The coffin set off down the hill, gathering speed. It took off at a humpback bridge, cleared a hedge and entered the high street in the village. It slid down the high street, through the open door of the chemists shop and hit the counter.

    With this sudden stop, the coffin tipped up, spilling the corpse onto the counter, where he politely asked “Have you got anything to stop this coffin?”

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  5. The past, the present and the future walk into a bar.

    It was tense.

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