Which is the worse, ignorance or apathy ?

by ratty

I don’t know, and really couldn’t care less.

11 Comments to “Which is the worse, ignorance or apathy ?”

  1. Ba-boom-tish !


  2. Dear Mr Rat, T.,
    That sounds like tommy rat to me. Someone who both doesn’t know and doesn’t care, has direct experience of both. Both, as you know, means one AND the other, so knowing both would entail knowing whether the one is better or worse than the other, and vice versa, obviously.
    For example, if the other is better than the one, say, then it stands to reason that the one must be worse than the other, no matter which one you choose to be the one, or indeed, the other, for that matter.
    That much is clear.
    Now, what was the question again?


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  3. In fact, to show that apathy rools, I may or may not post our little weekly musical interlude this week.

    Maybe I should leave it to ratty again.

    Or maybe he can’t be arsed either.

    See? There’s way more fun and soul-searching to be had with apathy.

    If ignorance ruled, someone would have told me to fuck off by now, and that would have been the end of the matter.


    • OK. I’m on it.


      • Oh . . .

        I was waiting for you to tell me to fuck off; maybe you just can’t be arsed.


        • ’twas a request by NobblySan,
          a cruel and demanding man . . .

          with an order only he would dare !

          Not that I could give a coitus care

          “A boon, I prithee, a boon,
          and make it fornicating soon”

          he wrote

          . . . the Scrote !

          Quill in hand I then penned
          Something for the Weekend

          Mayhaps ’twas his ignorance,
          to scribe a thing of brilliance

          as one such as I

          Or, as he sayeth, he could ne’er be buttocked.

          (Takes swig of warm Port wine and collapses from creative exhaustion)


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