Health Warning

by NobblySan

I got in the car this morning, and the ABS warning light was on.

Within a mile, the tyre pressure light came on.

This was quickly followed by the oil light and the engine management light.

Before long they were all on.

I rang the dealer, and they told me I had all the symptoms of Car Owner Virus.

16 Comments to “Health Warning”

  1. I’ve had my car a long time, now, a little blue Toyota
    My partner says to trade it in – suppose I really oughta
    For recently I’ve felt unwell, and twerk like Miley Cyrus
    It’s leading me a merry dance, this damn Corolla virus

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  2. Shouldn’t happen if your car haz mat carpets.


  3. Audi do, to our American readers.


  4. As’ tra not ad enough of this yet?


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