It’s a tough job, but . . .

by NobblySan

. . . someone’s got to do it.

Ah well – it had to happen eventually, I suppose.

An email came round work this afternoon suggesting that those who could do, may choose to work from home for the foreseeable future.

Barely had the cheering died down, than there was a rumble of shoes on carpet tiles, as the assembled dedicated mass of company-focused engineers made their way to the car park, with all the decorum and subtlety of a Le Mans start.

My own crew collected their stuff and were out of there faster than a ferret up a drainpipe, trailing HDMI leads and monitors in their wake.

Whilst generally viewing as a good thing the chance to work from home, without the need to spend 2 hours a day stuck in traffic and swearing at politicians on the radio, I do have one serious misgiving about this turn of events.

I will now have to perform certain vital and unavoidable daily tasks from home rather than at work, and thus be forced to use my own supply of toilet paper, rather than the company stuff.








4 Comments to “It’s a tough job, but . . .”

  1. Years ago, when they were talking about the ‘paperless office’, nobody imagined that one day it would mean somebody had nicked all the bogrolls.

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  2. An April and June Devonshire Tale, which I can no longer find on Youtube, but here’s a transcript:

    George and Harry went to Haverstock Goose Fair, and when ’twas time t’ go hwome George says t’ Harry: “Yeah” he says “Us haven’t got a present for missus have us”.
    “Ooh isn’t I glad you remembered that. If I went hwome wi’out a present for Lizzy her wouldn’t speak t’ me for a fortnight”
    So they went in the last place that was open and they saw somethin’ hung up and they said “What be they things up there then missy”, and the assistant said “they’re lavatory brushes”
    “Get away” George says “is that what that is?”
    “Yes” she said “that’s what they are”.
    He said to Harry “Have you got one o’ they?”
    “No” he says “Us ain’t got nowt like that in our ‘ouse.”
    So they decided, they’d have one apiece.
    So the little maid got ’em down, and wrapped them up in a bit o’ newspaper, and hwome they come.
    Well the followun week they met up again in market, and George says t’ Harry
    “Sure I bin waitun t’ see you – what did ‘lizabeth think of her present?”
    “Oh” said Harry “Very well pleased with it. Us had never had one in th’ ‘ouse like it before, and I would say I couldn’t have brought her home nowt better. What about your missus? What did her think o’ hers?”
    “Caw” George says “Don’t mention m’ article t’ me I wish I’d never seen ‘un”
    He said “Tell you the truth… the Missus… hers gone back to paper… but I’m still perseverun”


  3. It’s only day2 of working from home (or WFH, as it’s being called) and I’m already wondering WTF about WFH.

    Yesterday was fine; I had plenty to do, and as the weather was decent, I managed to take the dogs out a couple of times. Today, however, was different; I was scratching around for meaningful things to do, and as a consequence spent an inordinate mount of time discussing nonsense with my colleagues over Microsoft Teams.

    “if there’s no milk in the shops, is Bailey’s a viable alternative to put on your cornflakes” was one of the more pertinent questions of the morning.

    Also, today the weather was shite, and by 4pm I realised that I hadn’t set foot outside the house all day, so as soon as my call with my boss was finished, I jacked it all in and took the hounds out for an hour or so.

    At this rate, after one week, I’ll be a fucking hermit.


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