Phew . . !

by ratty

4 Comments to “Phew . . !”

  1. So, did you give them the bogrolls, or did you put up a fight?


  2. I know exactly wotcher mean, mate.

    Earlier today, I too went to the post office, for a bit of good honest queuin’ an’ burglin’ an’ stuff.

    Would you Adam an’ Eve it!

    The place was packed full of an old geezer who’d shit himself an’ ‘ad no bog roll about his person.

    There was a right Pen and Ink about the place, so me and the lads took our own hard-earned bog rolls and went elsewhere.

    Trouble was, elsewhere was shut because of this bleedin’ virus mallarkey, so we broke into a pub an’ ‘ad a pint.


  3. Just visited a Supermarket and noticed a guy whose trolley was full to the brim with toilet rolls, hand sanitiser, baby wipes, pasta, etc. Everything that people need.

    I called him a selfish idiot. Gave him the lowdown on all the elderly people, mums, and others who need these types of things. Told him he should be ashamed of himself !

    “Cool it mate” he said, “I work here. Can I carry on filling the shelves now ?”


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