Daily Comedy: Mystery Science Theater 3000, “Being From Another Planet”

by allthoughtswork

During my last year of college, I used to cross my small backyard at night on the weekends to visit a friend who lived in the ratty-ass duplex behind my ratty-ass duplex. This was in the days of cable and giant cathode ray tube televisions that heated up like toaster ovens. She introduced me to the wonders of MST3K.

We sat on her living room floor getting smockered and laughing at Tom Servo and Crow until our abs hurt the following morning. She used to drink Apricot Schnapps in a juice glass and eat tomato paste straight from the can with a spoon. I stuck to Bailey’s Irish Cream and port wine cheese spread, because I’m not weird. We both held Skör candy bars aloft before eating them, shrieking, “Skörrrrr!” in a Valkyrie’s operatic wail.

I guess you had to be there. All hail Gamera.


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