My god, the parallels to COVID-19 are eerie

by allthoughtswork

Watch this documentary on the 1918 flu pandemic and you’re gonna think you’re being punked.

Everything that’s happening now has happened before–the masks, the social distancing, the run on goods, the scientists the world over desperately looking for a cure, the weird-ass folk remedies, the collapse of society in some places, mass graves.

That pandemic ended, obviously, but the solution was kind of depressing.


8 Comments to “My god, the parallels to COVID-19 are eerie”

    • Sticky lives!

      Thanks for the link mate. I wrote a response to this that became so long, I’m just gonna put it up as a separate post.


      • Ha! Ha! There’s more to this than meets the eye . . .

        And why haven’t the Great Orange Leader (the one who is in his 70s and lives off McDonalds, apparently) and his cohorts had it, despite their flagrant disregard for ‘social distancing’?

        (Clip has been removed from U-Tube)


        • I’m currently torn between “Satan still needs him” and “only the good die young.”


          • Maybe he should have been MC at this event:


            • Oh, my everloving fucking hell, is that for real? I mean, really? I don’t watch the Olympics, so I only heard about the British artistic clusterfuck in passing but this is really bad.

              The children bouncing and dancing on their hospital beds is particularly grotesque. Yeah, that honors stage four brain cancer, alright.

              I’ll disregard the conspiracy theories outright. I believe it’s pure venal opportunism that US Republicans are shoving through all their little pet projects right now–immigration freeze, environmental rape, abortion bans–while America sits at home, avoiding voting booths and gnashing its teeth over toilet paper.

              A lot of carrion feeders wait for the predator to be distracted so they can swoop in and grab a free meal. Trump has always been afraid of predators.


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