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Maybe Make It An Annual Event.

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4 Comments to “Hmm….”

  1. Giving back?

    You’re having a laugh.


  2. It’s funny because I was just telling a new friend about a game called The Thousands.

    You pretend you just got $1000 in cash, tax-free, and you spend it in your mind. You visualize driving to the store, walking in, selecting the merchandise, touching it, smelling it, whatever–you immerse yourself in the experience. When that’s gone and you’ve imagined yourself enjoying your new stuff at home, you spend $2000. Then three, then four, then five, you get the idea. If your goal is to pay down debt, you visualize the numbers getting smaller and smaller on your credit statements until you see zeros.

    It’s a powerful exercise that reveals something crucial about yourself. You see, most people can’t make it past a few hundred thousand dollars. They either can’t imagine anything that high or they get bored spending it all on themselves. They start spending it on others.

    I have no trouble working my way right up into the millions and beyond because I get a kick out of the idea of building schools and farms and animal sanctuaries and rebuilding towns and restoring wild areas. I also love surprise gifts that really make a difference. I’ve always wanted to be able to just swoop in and pick up the tab for somebody.

    Not having to worry about how to pay for something is real wealth to the poor but being able to create something with it, that’s real wealth to the affluent.

    Or it should be.


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