Quelque chose pour le weekend

by sticky

35 Comments to “Quelque chose pour le weekend”

  1. Yer sexy when you speak Japanese, sticky.


  2. Brilliant stuff, woddy.

    Although I do take exception to the stated opinion that “Worcestershire sauce . . . tastes like fucking glue”.


  3. See, Nobbly? See how easy it is to tag yer goddamned posts? sticky knows how to do it. sticky tags his posts. Be like sticky.


  4. Sticky is a retired gentleman of leisure – he has more time on his hands to fuck about with such fripperies.


  5. The art of working a crowd


    • British summer time – it was a one day festival.


      • I’m dreading actual summertime like a proctology exam. Sheltering in place next to a load of right twats who conduct themselves like howler monkeys who cannot for the life of them comprehend why the entire neighborhood doesn’t think their howling is music.

        Currently comparing over the ear Bluetooth headphones on Amazon. And revisiting the alcoholism plan.


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