This one’s for you, Dunc, wherever you are

by allthoughtswork



6 Comments to “This one’s for you, Dunc, wherever you are”

  1. I’ve been watching for him. I miss him.


    • Us, too. If you know of an incantation, herbal remedy, goat sacrifice–we’ve tried everything to raise him.

      Nobbly thinks he’s sick but I say sex traffickers.


      • I looked a while back to see if I could track him through comments. But I couldn’t. Makes me sad.

        Though I am not sure which way I would lean, he being ill or sex traffickers. I hope that does not depend on a vote because I couldn’t choose.


        • I know. We should start a raffle.

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        • Hi CM.

          The disappearance of Dunc is very worrying.

          Having joked about it early on, I’m now very concerned for his welfare.

          Several of us have tried emailing, calling his mobile phone and trawling the web for any sign of him – all to no avail.

          As several people have said, he’s too decent a bloke to just disappear and leave people worried, so I do indeed fear that he is either ill, or has actually died.

          I really hope I’m wrong, and that he’s banged up in the nick in Brum for staging a daring raid on the local off licence, aided and abetted by a gang of mischievous terriers.


          • Hi NS, thank you for writing to me. I have had the same fears. I started looking a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t find anything. I remember years ago he wrote that he had a friend who would follow up with his blog if something happened to him. He had written a post about blog friends who stopped blogging or passed away and it would leave many worried and wondering. But what if his friend forgot or has forgotten how to post to let us know. I really do miss him. Please if you hear of anything, let me know. My hopes mirror yours, and hope he has a fantastical tale to tell us on his return.


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