Kermit seems smarter than Pepe

by allthoughtswork

If Only There Was A Way Being Out Of Work For A Few Months Wouldn't Mean Starving.....

3 Comments to “Kermit seems smarter than Pepe”

  1. We have a similar situation here.

    Every Thursday at 8pm, people are urged to stand at their door and clap for the NHS workers. Most of the people doing this will have voted conservative at the last election, and kept in place a government who have consistently underfunded the NHS.

    What really sickens me is the sight of Johnson and his cronies doing the same. The last time the same people celebrated in relation to the NHS was when they successfully blocked an above inflation wage rise for nurses.


  2. Cognitive Dissonance: Helping conservatives and Christians maintain their bullshit in the face of roaring facts for over a hundred years.

    Ask your doctor is Cognitive Dissonance is right for you.

    (He relies on it, too, along with Big Pharma, the wanker.)


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