Now they’re invoking Christianity NOT to wear masks

by allthoughtswork

Not a Good Sign: Jesus Is Back and He’s Wearing a Face Mask


How crazy are conservative Republicans? Strap in: Now they’re saying they won’t wear masks because it “covers the image of God.”

Okay, Gomer, two things. First of all, it takes a brass set to declare your religious right to show your face whilst simultaneously decrying a Muslim’s right to cover hers with a burqa.

(While we’re on the subject, what’s this bizarre obsession your cult has with women’s clothing? Why does a hint of cleavage or glance of thigh in a women’s ensemble automatically exonerate men of raping her in the eyes of your conservative judges? If men are God’s perfect creation and master of all they behold, why are they instantly and legally brought to their knees by anything that makes their penis go Howdy? Explain that to me.)

And second, if your ugly mug is the image of God, Mr. Vitale, all those paintings of the young white dude with the flowing brown hair is one hell of a Photoshop job.

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