Something for the ‘work end’ . . .

by sticky

Now, anybody who has looked in on The Mad Hatters over the years may know that I am not a fan of religions, or their music, but I have to marvel at this lot ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’:

3 Comments to “Something for the ‘work end’ . . .”

  1. They talk as if they own it.


  2. Have you ever noticed how The Orange One and Faux News always vehemently accuse others of precisely what they, themselves, are doing? It’s impressive, really, the accuracy of it.


  3. For those of you who know you’re being force-fed lies 24/7, but don’t know where to look, here is a portal to the world of independent journalism (as well as lots of ‘nutty’ stuff, depending on your capacity for ‘truth seeking’). It is described as a ‘news aggregate site’, and I have been looking in since the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, when they were the first site to post those shocking photographs.


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