No conscience

by allthoughtswork

The guy who ghostwrote The Art of the Deal shadowed Trump for a long time to gather a bio on him, to see what he was like behind the scenes. What he witnessed was an emotionally stunted malignant narcissist crashing through the world like an ill-mannered toddler, running roughshod over lives with nothing but ego at the wheel. No conscience.

For those of you out there who chalk Trump up to simply being an arrogant jerk, wait. Hindsight is gonna slap you right on the ass.

2 Comments to “No conscience”

  1. What never ceases to amaze me is the number of people who just don’t see this, and support the bloke.

    Even on this side of the Atlantic, these people live freely among us.

    For me, both Trump and Johnson fall into the category of people who you can tell are lying because their lips move.


    • I worked for half an hour penning a brilliant and scathing explanation of just that for several angry paragraphs in my original post, then I deleted it. Too negative for a humor blog. (Also, I doubt many would get it.)

      Chalk it up to: Liberals need to reach down their trousers, find their balls, and remove this motherfucker.


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