Something for the Long Weekend Drive

by sticky

For any of you who are planning on ‘Doing a Dominic’ any time, here’s some nice relaxing driving music.

Sponsored by Specsavers.

Boom – tish !

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9 Comments to “Something for the Long Weekend Drive”

  1. Dim Scumming Icon has bin there AND got the teeshirt,
    eye believe he was actually heading for another place not far away called Casual Bastard


  2. The one good thing that may come out of this is the loss of blind faith in Johnson and his band of loons. Last week we had the rare sight of The Mirror and The Daily Wail taking a similar position on their front pages.


  3. Ah! Dobcross – a fine place.

    Last time I was in a pub before all this lockdown stuff started it was The Swan in Dobcross village.


  4. While we’re on the the subject of the myopic Dominic, I really must see my way clear to ordering some of this stuff.


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