Harbouring a mass murderer

by sticky

Pic: ITV

Yesterday, in the space of a few minutes, Bristol went from one definition of this to another. More here.

13 Comments to “Harbouring a mass murderer”

  1. I foresee a lot of scrap metal dealers taking a sudden interest in SCUBA diving


  2. One of the best takes on how to deal with slavery-related street and building names that I saw was on episode 4 of Frankie Boyle’s Tour of Scotland. He was interviewing a Rasta of Jamaican origin who is now a Glasgow Councillor.

    Boyle asked him about renaming the streets named after leading figures in the slave trade, but he was adamant that they should remain, but only if there is a programme of education to explain who these people were, and how they became rich and influential.

    It’s a good watch, if it’s still available on iPlayer or similar.


  3. Good point, but I think statues are different. They are usually in prominent positions, where many people have to pass them on a daily basis, so the political or social emotion they convey is shoved constantly in those people’s faces.

    They still celebrate a few tyrants around here:



  4. Excellent post title, sticky.

    Funny, if you read the BBC article as if it’s about slavery and not the removal of a statue, it makes much more sense:

    “People can campaign for [slavery] but what happened yesterday was a criminal act and when the criminal law is broken that is unacceptable and the police will want to hold to account those responsible.”

    Home Secretary Priti Patel said the incident was “utterly disgraceful” and “it’s not for mobs to [enslave human beings]”.

    “I do not believe that anyone has the right to [enslave another human being], no matter how warranted they believe their actions or motivation to be,” he said.


  5. Why, thank you.

    I imagine you’re referring to the ‘harbouring’ bit, but I hadn’t actually heard anybody describing this character as a mass murderer, only as a ‘slave trader’.

    Then when I watched Channel 4 News yesterday evening, historian David Olusoga was being interviewed, and he described him as a mass murderer, “Because that’s what he was”.

    You read it here first, folks . . .


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