Take him now, Cthulhu

by allthoughtswork

Trump Looks Like A Weak Commander-In-Chief During Sleepy West Point Commencement Addressvia

It’s the beginning of the end: Trump can’t walk or hold a water glass. Technically, he can’t conjugate verbs or process human emotions, either, but stay with me.

Unlike the mental whackadoo shit we’ve been forced to endure all along, the man’s now showing undeniable signs of physical debilitation. Whether it be Parkinson’s, COVID, or stroke, it’ll get him out of office, that’s the salient point.

Come on, COVID! (blows on dice and tosses them across a felt-topped table)

4 Comments to “Take him now, Cthulhu”

  1. The world is praying for President Trump . . .


    • What the fuck are you getting at here, sticky ?

      Expecting somebody to post ” . . . to die”, were you?

      After all, you’re not somebody to acknowledge prayer as a valid form of sanity, by any stretch of the imagination.

      As Marks* once said “Prayer is for people who pray, and I don’t pray, you see.”

      Whatever that meant.



  2. I prescribe a large dose of household bleach.

    Nurse! The screens please. Oh, and your largest funnel.


  3. At least if he does snuff it, people only have to put up with Pence until November.

    Personally, I reckon he’ll be virus-free in a day or so – no self-respecting organism could live with Trump for long. Sorry America!


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