Caption this

by allthoughtswork

Hairless cats look... strange.


9 Comments to “Caption this”

  1. Just frying some ham and eggs.


  2. Melvin was what you’d call “rare,” but he was hoping to be well done by noon.


  3. When your cat is Brazilian but the rest of you is American.


  4. “Until it’s still pink in the middle” takes on a whole new meaning at the annual Fourth of July cookout.


  5. “Hand me that suntan lotion, will you, honey? As a matter of fact, while you’re up…”


  6. “Where the sun don’t shine” takes a beating in 2020.


  7. I told Melvin to get his blog more exposure. I think he misunderstood.

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  8. Look mate – your friend suggesting that you “go balls out to get a bit of a tan before you hit the beaches” shouldn’t be taken literally.


  9. Roman emperor Testiclese warms himself under Apollo’s rays after a plunge in the frigidarium.


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