Dang it, it’s never where I’m at!

by allthoughtswork

I’ve always wanted to see a tornado. Always. Since a childhood of hiding in root cellars with my stuffed animals while sirens wailed, since that one scene in The Wizard of Oz gave me nightmares until my 20s. (Hey, it was really well done for the times), since Twister.

Yeah, I know it sucked. Shut up. The soundtrack was awesome.

Oregon doesn’t exactly get wall clouds on a regular basis, much less rotation, but every once in a while our meteorology squeezes out “an event.” And it’s always on the other side of town. Damnit.

4 Comments to “Dang it, it’s never where I’m at!”

  1. They even had a couple in Wales yesterday.

    It must have put the wind up the sheep even more than a Young Farmers night out would have done.


    • That’s gonna be my new colloquialism for severe weather:

      “THAT’LL be puttin’ the wind up some sheep tonight!”

      It’s just the right amount of lewd and bizarre to please a crowd. Not unlike yourself.


  2. No problem.

    When you’re rich and famous, and spouting your catchphrase all over TV talk shows, just send me a bottle of scotch (or two) as a thank you.


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