When’s the last time you heard about a school shooting?

by allthoughtswork


Just another creepy upside to this whole COVID business. There are many.


4 Comments to “When’s the last time you heard about a school shooting?”

  1. I had read that March 2020 was the first March in 18 years without a school shooting in the USA.

    The only logical reason being that they were all closed.

    How the hell does a country get into such a situation?


    • Well, you start with a bunch of hypocritical religious zealots who use imaginary creatures to justify their own desires and bully tactics to enforce them, then you add time.

      Oh, wait, that was Britain.

      Okay, you take the craziest from THAT lot and you allow them to descend upon a totally different continent like a swarm of voracious, self-important locusts, devouring everything in their path under the aegis of Freedom, then you add time.


  2. So, what is going to happen when the schools reopen?

    Will they ‘phase in’ the shootings, or let all the loonies do their catching up all at once?


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