Something for the old gits out there

by NobblySan

8 Comments to “Something for the old gits out there”

  1. Oi! Who’re you calling an old git ? !

    Oh, all right, then.

    One of the best tracks on one of their best albums.


  2. Here’s another old git in his prime:


  3. You must be old, gettin’ around to posting Something For the Weekend after the weekend. I was gonna post this if you didn’t get your ass in gear, and then muse how long it will take the current generation to tear it apart for being “insensitive.”


  4. Now Now . . .

    It was posted on Sunday.

    Round these ‘ere parts, that’s still classed as the weekend; I’m not sure what you lot over there classify it as.


    • You’re supposed to post it on Friday so people have the entire weekend to listen to it and find fault. Unless you change it to “Apologies for That Weekend,” which I’m sure your wife has heard from you ad nauseum.


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