Who was that masked man?

by allthoughtswork

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Tomorrow masks become mandatory in all pubic buildings of certain counties, so sayeth the Governor of Oregon. Which makes me wonder.

Do I just put all my lipstick in storage now?

I’m sure the hell glad I don’t have any stock in facial recognition cam technology.

I need to research stock options for up and coming products treating maskne.

Criminaling is gonna skyrocket now that everybody looks like they’re either about to perform an appendectomy or hold up a train. I’m locking my garden gate.

What the hell are all us Portlanders gonna do when it starts raining heavily again in the fall? We’re all gonna be self-waterboarding on every damned trip to the market.

Stupid people won’t be able to see me grinning at their stupidity while they’re still talking. This could work.

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