“We don’t use a knife to break into our skahns…”

by allthoughtswork

I’ll go along with everything he says but, somehow, while he’s chewing, I want to punch that face.

9 Comments to ““We don’t use a knife to break into our skahns…””

  1. Agreed. What a smug twat.The sort of face you’d cross the road to hit with a brick.

    However . . .

    I must agree with Lord Smuggingham on one point; the correct pronunciation of ‘scone’.

    Cheers everybody!

    [slurps tea (originating from a teabag, and without milk or sugar) from an ancient Nintendo 64 mug]


  2. Something tells me he’s Lord Smuggingham III.


  3. Okay, I’ll begrudgingly admit that I’ve begun to “stir” my morning coffee back and forth rather than in a circle due to this video, but I still wanna press his ears together until they meet. Shouldn’t be but a few inches, anyway.


  4. Tea is an anti-psychotic medication.

    You wouldn’t want to be around my workplace if we ran out of tea.


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