Oh, this is going to be goooood!

by allthoughtswork

Mary Trump’s book chronicles how a dysfunctional family ‘created the world’s most dangerous man’


Trump’s niece, a psychologist, has published a scorching tell-all about the origins of his psychoses and a judge just lifted the family’s attempt to block its release. 75,000 first-run copies have already been sent to bookstores and Amazon is set to pop.

Spoiler alert: Mr. Bone Spurs paid a kid to take his SATs for him!

Looking forward to the impending Tweetnado.

9 Comments to “Oh, this is going to be goooood!”

  1. I want to read what the NDA said


  2. Finally recovering from butt surgery but otherwise good haha


  3. Reminds me of Richard Nixon.

    Apparently, he had an arsehole transplant, but the arsehole rejected him.


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