A touch of the Cee Bee Deebies . . .

by sticky

leafThose of you who get your news from the BBC (aw, shame!) may well have missed out on this recent finding, and other studies in recent months, showing the promising potential of cannabis/cannabidiol (CBD) in fighting Covid-19 and its symptoms.

Anybody who has visited MH regularly over about the past 9 years or so may have read me banging on about this marvellous plant, that has been denied to the majority of the world’s population for many decades, and the probable reasons for this. One of those reasons is people who write articles like this one from April, the epitome of Big Med’s arrogance. (You may also wish to read my short-but-sweet comment – PJMcNeill – that I posted on there recently.)

Something else you may not know is that the UK government, together with the EC, are planning to take CBD products ‘off the shelves’ early next year, for a period of 12-18 months. You probably know that CBD is classed as a food supplement – rather than as a medicine – which is why it can be sold freely, as long as no medical claims are made.

They have conspired decided that CBD is a ‘novel food’ (despite the cannabis plant having been used by mankind for at least the last 10,000 years, including for food), and that producers will have to register, and gain approval, in order to carry on with their businesses – ostensibly for public safety. (Recently, it seems that the EC have now dropped this idea – although the UK FSA are persisting – in favour of reclassifying it as a ‘narcotic’!)  Because the market consists mainly of small businesses, many of them are likely to fail, presumably opening it up for big concerns. Well, well.

* * * * *

I have personal, if indirect, experience of CBD’s incredible healing properties. In late 2018 my partner discovered a lump in her left breast and, sure enough, the diagnosis was cancer. Not only that, she was told that it was ‘triple-negative’. No, I hadn’t heard of it either, but it turns out that it is usually found in much younger women, rather than in those of my partner’s ‘advanced age’. And it is more aggressive than ‘normal’ types of cancer, and regarded as ‘higher grade’.

So, the prognosis wasn’t very cheering, really. We talked about what she was going to do, and she could only see one option – going ahead with the chemo- and radiation-therapy. My partner has always maintained a distance from any involvement I may (or may not!) have had over the years with the cannabis/hemp plant. However, I showed her some articles about this woman (urgh! the Daily Fail!) and, fortunately, she agreed to give CBD a try before her NHS treatment began.

Rather than buy some potentially inferior stuff in the high street, I did some research and settled on LoveCBD. I got her these:


(‘Entourage’ means that it is a whole-plant extract, rather than a CBD isolate: it contains all of the other 100+ cannabinoids, and the terpenes and flavonoids, many of which have been shown to have medicinal properties too. It has to contain, though, less than 0.2% of the evil THC, which GETS YOU HIGH. {But go out and get totally hammered on alcohol, folks, that’s OK})

She took 6 capsules every day for about three months, until her treatment began in February last year (yes, that was the wait), then stopped. By this time, she could hardly find the lump, but decided to go ahead. I might add that, during this time, I noticed several things about my partner: she is sometimes very stressy, and has hardly ever slept uninterrupted, but I had never seen her so chilled. She was sleeping much better, and her skin looked like it was almost aglow!

The eight rounds of chemotherapy were hard on her, and she obviously lost her hair. Then she had what turned out to be only relatively minor surgery – removal of some remaining tissue and some lymph glands. (I think the radiotherapy session came after the surgery, but it may have been before.)

So, basically – with a lot of support – she made a full recovery, such that we were able to enjoy a week in and around Conwy in September. Many women have to have mastectomies and/or reconstructive surgery, (and the cancer often ‘metastasises’ to other regions of the body) so she is very fortunate. And her hair has now grown back fully. Even her specialist seemed surprised about the outcome, but she didn’t know about the CBD.

My partner thinks I am being melodramatic, but I believe that cannabidiol actually saved her life.

* * * * *

So what are all those people who depend on their CBD going to do when it is no longer available? I imagine that many will stock up before the end of the year.

But there are many strains out there with a high CBD to THC ratio, so I would think that there will also be plenty who are planning to buy some growing kit, and produce their own oil.

At the risk of getting their front door smashed in in the middle of the night.

7 Comments to “A touch of the Cee Bee Deebies . . .”

  1. Wonderful to hear your sweetheart came through with flying colors. I love stories about flummoxing doctors, they’re so easily flummoxed. (I’ve left several in my wake by curing things they declared lifetime conditions. Fuck you, all!)

    I will go out on a limb and surmise that inflammation is the determining factor in who lives and who dies on the coronavirus battlefield. Illness, both systemic and acute, and injury are major bodily stressors that cause heaps of inflammation. The powers that be have already admitted people with pre-existing conditions and the elderly have a higher mortality rate. Inflammation city.

    I wonder if the smoothing out of stress, and thus reduction in inflammation, was what helped your partner?

    I have personally seen jaw-dropping health results from simply eliminating inflammation-causing foods from my diet. And avoiding assholes, nothing cuts stress faster.


  2. The trouble with allopathic medicine is that doctors don’t know much about the whole-body organism. They learn about treating their own particular speciality (when it has gone wrong), but are mainly oblivious to everything else.

    It’s like having a car mechanic who just specialises in carburettors, or one who specialises in the cooling system, and they don’t know much about how the car works as a whole.

    It’s probably much the same where you are, but I understand that, in Britain, medical students get about 5 hours’ nutrition training out of the (5?) years they put in!

    I’m sure that reduced stress helped, but was only a small part of the contibution to my partner’s recovery, considering her age and the prognosis.

    Don’t do down ‘the herb’ – all those stories that they have pushed at you (us) over the years are lies!


    • Oh, fuck, it’s less than five hours here. It must be a paragraph or something at the end of their endocrinology chapter from the way they go about it. Most of them still think calories in, calories out, is a viable solution to weight loss. A hundred calories of chocolate is the same to the body as a hundred calories of broccoli or beef, right? Bastards.

      Medicine is a business. I’ll say that again: Medicine. Is. A. Business. You succeed in business by increasing the number of clients who require your services. Think about that one.



  3. Speaking of the BBC, and LoveCBD, I am now so glad that I gave the latter a plug in my article above (and no, I do not have any connection with them, other than that of a former customer).

    You see, I just found this:


    So fuck the BBC.


    • Not sure whether to be relieved or saddened to learn that science is just as twisted and clickbaited in the UK news as it is in ‘Murica. Nietzsche must be chuckling in his grave.


      • That’s what TPTB would say: but the people have to have the opportunity to hear the truth first. (Every tv and every radio has an on/off button and a channel selector, so those sheep who don’t want to know the truth can simply press a button.)

        And if you’re not giving them the truth, then you’re giving them lies.

        If you go to the BBC News website and put ‘Covid-19 cannabis’ into the search engine, what do you get? Zilch. Do the same with ‘Covid-19 CBD’ and the answer is just the same.

        Now try the same exercise with Google.

        (The BBC also censor environmental activism – just do the above exercise with ‘Greenpeace Polar Pioneer’. )

        I resent having to pay £150 a year to be lied to by the publicly-funded (apart from Bill Gates, of course) public service national broadcaster.

        From the BBC Charter:

        “The Mission of the BBC is to act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain.”



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