Portland, Oregon, fights back!

by allthoughtswork

Five things to know about tonight's World Naked Bike Ride - BikePortland.org


“You may fire tear gas at our grannies, assault our veterans, and shoot our young people in the head, but don’t block our bike lanes!”

Portland protests

Portland Commissioner Chloe Eudaly said the city is fining the federal government $500 every 15 minutes – the maximum charge allowed — until it removes an unpermitted fence that surrounds a portion of the federal courthouse and blocks a bike lane on Southwest Third Avenue in downtown Portland.

They’re up to around $200,000 now and Eudaly tweeted: “We intend to collect.”

Portland, Portland, Oregon - Strangely's crazy bike load.


Shouldn’t be too hard, the $1 trillion dollar COVID-19 response package the Senate Republicans finally got around to drafting includes an $8 billion dollar spending spree on Pentagon weapons systems that will be built by companies in states where Republicans are trying to defend their Senate seats in the fall. (‘Cuz that’s how you fight germs in Florida: assault helicopters and mortar fire.)

If that ain’t venal enough for ya, there’s also $1.8 billion set aside to rebuild the FBI headquarters near the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington rather than move it to make sure another hotel doesn’t build there and compete with Tiny Hands.

For fuck’s sake, Republicans are like the little kid who gets caught with a hand in the cookie jar and then covers both his eyes and says, “You can’t see me!”

THATS A PADDLIN' - | Make a Meme


11 Comments to “Portland, Oregon, fights back!”

  1. It worked! The Feds are leaving! Turns out, all you have to do is fine the bastards.

    Okay, I’m not sure what exactly convinced them to leave but at least they’re leaving. Like a white trash block party.


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