Works on Trump, too

by allthoughtswork


16 Comments to “Works on Trump, too”

  1. And Covid-19.


  2. It’s called The Politics of Fear.

    You make a population frightened by a perceived threat, then you can easily bring in laws that previously they would never have accepted.

    They did it with cannabis – “It causes mental health problems!” “It destroys communities!” “It will lead to harder drugs!”

    All lies, of course, but people will believe anything they’re told, sadly.

    It’s why the masses are now meekly wearing their face masks in every shop in the land (“It’s for our own good!”).


    • I saw a documentary, I wish I remember which one, that stated that cannabis was outlawed specifically to prevent people from finding their own relief and healing. Agreed. A lot of natural science has been turned into witchcraft and “dangerous, untested lore” in order to keep Big Pharma’s coffers full.

      Untested lore? Bite me. I’ll believe thousands of years of hearsay from native populations over one patented commercial written off by some rich dudes.


      • Yes, there are plenty of illegal drugs that have been found to be valuable medicinally (and either free or cheap). For years, certain psychologists have been trying to get psilocybin rescheduled, as it has been shown, as well as DMT, to have a remarkable effect on depression.

        And MDMA (ecstasy) has been found to help heal psychological damage caused by traumas.


    • There are upsides and downsides to wearing a face mask, sticky.

      For me, the upside of wearing a mask means that I don’t have to shave EVERY morning, or brush my teeth and, best of all, I can stick my tongue out at people I don’t like.

      The downsides are not being able to have a fag, and having my ears pulled out of shape making me look like the cartoon character ‘Shrek.’

      I wish you good day, Sir.


  3. I tell you, I believe in COVID-19, but I also believe in the human immune system. I’ll follow whatever restrictions they put in place while they scurry around, trying to figure out how to fight something that’s already won in an unhealthy (compromised) body.

    Meanwhile, I’ll live calmly and without fear. Believe it or not, fear is the one mental state that drops your resilience the most, both physically and mentally. Anger runs a close second. Stay as upbeat as you can and live your life. Not much more to it, really.

    Rock on. It’ll all be over soon, one way or the other.


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