A camera . . . etc.

by ratty

What would you do if a Whale suddenly jumped up through your floorboards ?

This is a holographic projection of a Whale. It is a photographic process that produces images thanks to the differences between two laser beams. These images are projected into a gym using a special camera. There is not a drop of water in this room, let alone a whale.


7 Comments to “A camera . . . etc.”

  1. You know, I see this and I just feel an overwhelming sadness. Soon, very soon, holograms will be all people have of nature. The polar regions, the Amazon, the Russian taiga…it’s all disappearing so fast.

    I spend every spare moment I have outdoors, soaking up the wonder.


  2. If that was in Japan there would be some wee shite with a harpoon getting very frustrated.


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