What are the chances . . . ?

by NobblySan

I won’t bother writing my own bit of blurb – the stuff below does quite nicely, thank you.

As it says in the introduction to this twitter clip :-

“I’ll never forget the Aussie that came out of coma after 12 days to win a car on a scratch card and when he gets asked to re-enact it by a news channel, wins 250 grand

14 Comments to “What are the chances . . . ?”

  1. It’s only about £137,000, but he should be able to buy a pretty decent house for that in Oz.

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  2. I’d settle for winning ‘only about’ 137 grand at the moment.

    I don’t fancy the obligatory 12 days in a coma though.


  3. I was thinking more of a Commer.

    Remember those?


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