Something for the Weekend

by ratty

25 Comments to “Something for the Weekend”

  1. One of his best tracks . . .


    • We have tended not to go to the cinema much in recent years, but last year we went to see Western Stars. It was a magical, spellbinding experience. Even Viv thought so, and she’s not that much of a music, or Bruce, fan.


  2. I hope nobody minds if I take a moment to touch on a rarely touched upon subject that touches my heart.

    It’s that all on MH can keep in touch with a touch of very touching music.

    I am touched. I know that others are touched, too.

    I can’t believe anyone remains untouched.

    So, keep in touch.

    Oi ! – Keep your fucking hands to yourself . . .


  3. I’m a touch concerned that we haven’t heard from atw for a while.

    I hope she’s OK.


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