Could this be the dark secret behind the unexplained disappearance of veteran Mad Hatter duncanr?

by sticky

As regular visitors to The Mad Hatters will, no doubt, be aware, The Chief – the man who started it all

– has not graced these pages with his diamond-tipped-gimlet wit, nor his everyman philosophical rationality, since the end of last year.

Databases have been scrutinised, records have been trawled, and private eyes have run their investigations, all to no avail.

Not a bloody sausage. Or even a vegetarian haggis. The auld sod may as well have disappeared off the face of the planet.

Now, we all know that duncanr is a staunch Labour Party supporter; a friend to the downtrodden; an animal lover; and a committed Remainer.

And a barefoot-sandal-wearer, even in the depths of winter.

But what if he has undergone a polar shift in his political and social sensibilities, and thrown in his lot with those that he most despises?

Ever an active man, did duncanr‘s retirement four years ago spur him on to a business enterprise that would ultimately provide tea and sympathy to his former enemies?

At a cafe in Bromsgrove, on the outskirts of Birmingham (duncanr‘s home city), our undercover reporter recorded this scene:

We need to know.

11 Comments to “Could this be the dark secret behind the unexplained disappearance of veteran Mad Hatter duncanr?”

  1. What a fucking crock of shit this new WordPress editor is. It must have been designed by some trendy kid who has just come out of media college, and identifies as being “on the spectrum”.

    I imagine that WordPress are being bombarded by complaints from irate bloggers all over the world.

    Or is it just me?

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  2. And I did put in a ‘read more’ tab, yet it still emailed the whole bloody thing.


    • No, it’s not just you, sticky.

      It’s so confusing, too.

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      • Though, to be fair, the “Continue reading” line did appear.

        Maybe you had to edit your post for that to work ?


        • Oh, it didn’t appear in my email – it showed the whole post. That’s interesting; maybe it’s because I’m the author?


          • It appears like that if you hit “View Post.”

            If you exit the “Post” page and open the MH site again, you will see your post as you intended it.

            Anyway, this still doesn’t explain what happened to Duncan (maybe he’s working for WP as an editor ?!)


      • You said it, ratty. It took me about three times as long as it would have done using the old system. And then it still didn’t come out right. The ‘read more’ thing is after ‘the man who started it all’, but it starts a new line after that, and I wasn’t able to make it follow on: the words ‘has not graced’ would have fitted in that first line.

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  3. I too have an abhorrent hatred of the block system, lads. Tim Price let me know how to use the old editor, now called the classic. Thank heavens for Tim!
    As for Duncan, no news I’m afraid.


  4. I think I seen him in rehab in France, he was getting thorugh a bottle of bubbly with a load of weirdos


  5. In our search for Duncan, it may be possible that we could establish his whereabouts by following a trail of areas in the UK where sales of Samosas and Whisky have peaked in recent months.

    Just a thought.


  6. Assuming that this is BigD’s venture, I can only hope that he has allowed Wee Rab to piss in that mug before handing it to that smug twat


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