You couldn’t make it up !

by ratty


18 Comments to “You couldn’t make it up !”

  1. It reminds me of an old episode of The Goon Show (yes, I am bloody ancient) in which the English Channel was up for sale for a quid.

    The catch was that there was compulsory fire insurance with it, that cost about 50 grand.


  2. I’d like to qualify that last rather rash statement of mine, by making it clear despite it being my birthday on Saturday, I am still not as bloody ancient as either ratty or sticky.

    I am however, considerably more ancient than atw, who is positively youthful, and not even the slightest bit ancient.


  3. I ams till not as bloody ancient as either ratty or sticky

    But more pissed than, evidently.

    Celebrating your birthday early, MrN ?


    • There! All corrected.

      I blame the keyboard, and not the single can of pale ale I’ve just had with my tea.


      • I like a bottle of beer with a curry. I’ve bought a couple of boxes of Corona recently, as they are cheap – £10 for a dozen – in the supermarkets. It doesn’t taste bad if you put a bottle in the freezer for an hour.


  4. I think this is a load of rubbish, anyway.

    You can’t believe anything you see on the news today.


  5. Funnily enough, a bloke I used to work with was trying unsuccessfully to flog his house when he hit on the idea of selling it for a hundred quid, but with an obligatory goat that cost the actual value of the house.

    It made the regional TV news, and Chris sold the house on the back of the publicity.


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