Something for the Weekend

by ratty

Remember this theme music from the 80’s TV series “Harry’s Game” ?

Absolute Magic !


15 Comments to “Something for the Weekend”

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Nobbly and sticky.

    An opportunity presents itself to you to achieve GLOBAL CYBERSPACE FAME !

    As you see, the LIKE button is beckoning. YOU could be the FIRST to -depress- hit it.

    But you will have to be damned quick, ‘cos it won’t stay that way for long.

    Good Luck.


  2. Congratulations to Mr. Donald McKenzie who has claimed this week’s award.

    Thank you, Sir.


  3. NobblySan and I stand firm.

    McKenzie breaks.


  4. I never saw that series, but what I could never find out was what was Harry game for ?


  5. Damn! Another missed opportunity.

    I suppose I was just too slow to react.

    Never mind, ratty – there’s always the next post .


  6. Thanks for the lead, NobblySan . . .


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