Get It Off Your Chest

by ratty

This column has been set up for our MH readers and ourselves, to list the things that make our blood boil, be it a detested song/singer, critical in-laws, out-of-touch and aloof politicians, a snidey co-worker, pen-pushing officialdom, snobbery, bullying, queue-jumping, even to opening a packet of newly purchased biscuits to reveal a broken, crumbly mess.

The things that make us blow a fuse

I’ll start the ball rolling with just a fraction of the things that really make me want to rip off the wallpaper . . .

The use of the word “of” instead of “have” (and don’t get me started on Ghosting, Woke, Karen, etc.)

“Newspapers” that feed us repetitive, boring stories about Harry and Meghan, or that of other “Celebs.”

Breaking an egg in the frying pan.

People in restaurants who talk loudly on their mobile phones.

Hearing, on the Television, or Radio, a bunch of narcistics singing the dirge “We are the World” for whatever fucking reason it is this time round.

People that revert to bad language to get their point across.

Women at the check-out till, who will wait for the cashier to total up their purchases, before then fumbling around in their handbag for their purse.

Reaching for the toilet roll, only to discover that there’s nothing left.

Getting a phone call from a double-glazing salesman.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

That’s a few of mine. Let’s hear some of yours.

20 Comments to “Get It Off Your Chest”

  1. Not a lot of boiling blood around at the moment, it would appear.


    • This, a sub-heading in the Daily Mail, a few days ago, is an example of what makes my head explode . . .

      ‘Hair salon’s advert recruiting a ‘happy’ stylist is ‘BANNED by job centre because the word “discriminates” against unhappy people.’


  2. Anything in the Daily Wail gets right on my tits.


  3. The increasing use of American words, spellings and pronunciations is still my hot favourite at the moment.

    I yelled at the cricket commentary the other evening, when one of the commentators complained hat the batsman couldn’t get enough ‘levverage’ on a shot.

    Admittedly, Ebony Rainsford-Brent is one of the most useless commentators that the BBC have.


  4. “Low prices everyday” – that’s what gets on my tits, i.e., ‘every day’ written as one word instead of two.

    ‘Everyday’ is an adjective, and is used correctly if you say ‘Everyday low prices’, for example, or ‘everday people’.


  5. I forgot to mention that I detest the title of this blog.


    What a stupid, stupid, stupid name !

    There, now I feel better.


  6. Let’s face it ratty, we lost out to the unstoppable force of South African democracy when it came to the name Madhatters.

    How many votes did Julie cast? 13, if I remember correctly.

    Such is life.

    If this sort of thing catches on, we’ll end up with a second rate TV personality running the country – same for the yanks as well.

    Oh, hang on a minute . . .


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