Something for the Week Henned

by ratty

8 Comments to “Something for the Week Henned”

  1. A Chicken Pox on you, sticky, for submitting such a fowl titled video.

    You’ve really ruffled my feathers. Until now, I’d always thought of you as a most pullet man.

    Have you come out of your shell, or did someone in your roost henpeck you and egg you on ?

    Well, next in the pecking order is . . .


    • Is this some kind of yolk? I was orpingto not say this, but you should coop your feelings to yourself, or you might find yourself up before the beak.


      • It’s pointless you crowing and strutting about the place threatening to put me in front of the beak, sticky. I’ll be deviled if I let that happen. You should know that I’m no Bantam-weight that will chicken out and scramble, squawking like some Toad-in-the-hole who’s afraid he might be caught by a poacher.

        I would remind you that anything can be layed here, as this a free range site.


  2. I was going to post something by Chickenfoot, but it was so cheesy and self-congratulatory that I couldn’t bring myself to do it.


  3. Of course, there’s always a variation on a theme


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