Wheeres th’owd bugger been?

by NobblySan

To one and all – apologies for my absence from this ‘ere place over the past few weeks.

There’s nowt serious up with me, so you can cancel plans for the wake and for the traditional squabbling over the inheritance.

My absence is purely down to a nasty bout of New Variant CBA, compounded by an underlying condition of being a miserable old bastard.

The CBA can be treated by a liberal daily dose of Fukkem Powders [TM], but alas, I am reliably informed by various members of the medical profession, together with my wife, that the other condition is untreatable.

Once the Fukkem Powders (available from all good pharmacies and Honest Ahmad’s corner shop) have kicked in good and proper I will be back to my fighting best. Until then, you continue to enjoy yourselves and make the most of my absence.


6 Comments to “Wheeres th’owd bugger been?”

  1. Welcome back, Nobbly.

    CBA is a terrible and recurring ailment. Having suffered from it many times myself, I can conclusively state that the hardest to endure is its passing, and the return to a world of abject indifference.

    Onnyrooad, ah’m lookin forrad ta readin sum o’ thy stuff int’ near future.


  2. Bloody hell.

    Lurking below my superbly crafted post, I just found the link to this from 10 years ago – https://madhatters.me.uk/2010/06/12/i-feel-i-owe-you-an-explanation/

    It’s funny how things go in cycles isn’t it?

    Oh, BTW, the quality of comment then was far superior to like wot it is now.


  3. Did you hear about that bloke with a concrete plug in his backside ?

    He really can’t be arsed.


  4. . . . available from all good pharmacies . . .

    What’s all this talk about pharmacies ?

    When I lived in the UK, it was referred to as a Chemist’s Shop.

    Next up, it will become known as a . . . Drugstore !

    Yaaargh !


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