Something for the Wick End

by ratty

Bit slow at the beginning before the real music starts


7 Comments to “Something for the Wick End”

  1. “Bit slow at the beginning, before the real music starts”

    Maybe, what I might have written is that the introduction to this piano-led piece was intentionially subdued, and for the purpose of lulling the listeners into relaxed states, before then immersing them in a powerful and dynamic, orchestrated crescendo, aided by Soprani vocals.

    There, that’s better . . . innit ?

    Aw, fuck off then !


  2. I did a bit of research on this theme: some remarkable results ensued.

    It’s the go-to place for this kind of investigation.


  3. I used to go on holiday near Wick in Caithness when I was a kid.

    Also . . .

    round here, ‘wick’ is a term used to describe a lively or unpredictable horse.


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