Something for people who listen to cover versions

by NobblySan
This bloke could sing a football terrace chant and it would sound beautiful

11 Comments to “Something for people who listen to cover versions”

  1. Bowie doing a ‘cover version’ of Jagger !


  2. I’d be happy to post something, only I don’t know what “Cover Version” means.


  3. A cover that fails to live up to the brilliance of the original


  4. . . . and one that builds on and surpasses the original


  5. Ah, you mean someone who sings someone else’s song ?

    If that’s the case, then the title of the following would seem quite apt . . .


  6. This is a Gary Numan one, but I love the whole album,

    so I’ll stick another one on . . .


  7. I don’t not know if this is a Cover Version, or not (if you get my gist)

    But, I am going to include it anyway, as I love these romantic ballads from the late 50’s.


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