Something for those en-Tranced

by NobblySan

5 Comments to “Something for those en-Tranced”

  1. I just love those YouTube tunes where the lyrics are published, as in the above :


    “This video is not available”

    Now, Nobbly, if you could just give me a hint as to what the music is, then I could sing along.


    • Ah, that sounds like ‘Give us a fucking clue’ by Dave and The Gobshites, released in 1976 on Tone Deaf Records.

      Surely you know the tune?

      It goes . . .

      Dum dum dum doo dah daaaaah

      Waaah waaah boop

      Skiddley bop diddley bop

      Bing bong bang

      It’s a fucking classic, mate!


  2. woddy, me old mate. I have no idea why your comments keep ending up in the moderation queue.

    Maybe it’s something to do with us getting our revenge in early for a good thrashing in the next ashes series. I’d contact the nearest British consulate if I were you. and complain about anti-anitpodean bias.


  3. What a load of shite.

    I’d send the fucker right into orbit.


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