Nothing for the weekend

by NobblySan

The first Something For The Weekend post appeared sometime in 2012 – posted by our (now long departed) friend Duncan, as a vehicle for readers to post music that they’d been listening to that week, or just simply liked.

Since Dunc’s disappearance, we’ve tried to keep it going; from my perspective based on some misguided notion that I’d somehow be letting down Duncan if we missed a week or let it lapse completely.

However, it’s clear from the lack of engagement, that it’s all a little pointless; and to be honest, something of a chore rather than a pleasure.

So, sorry Dunc, if you’re still around – or even still alive – I’ve had my fill of it, and am pulling the metaphorical plug on its life-support .

Quite how long before we do the same with the rest of the Mad Hatters remains to be seen, but it sure as hell aint what it used to be.

5 Comments to “Nothing for the weekend”

  1. Gosh, that was a long song title this week, Nobbly.

    I’ve been all over YouTube, but couldn’t find it.

    AHA ! ! ! Maybe, like last week, they are the song lyrics and we have to guess the tune.

    I’ll search again.


  2. You need to search harder, mate.

    With apologies to Monty Python, the song was :-

    It’s all over my friend by Earl Vomit and the Metabolic Processes


    • Ahh ! That’s one of my favourites, Nobbly.

      I only have to hear it, and then feel compelled to get a firm grip on my Zimmer frame, and Twerk along to it.

      Many thanks.


  3. It sounds like you’re not even trying NobblySan.

    I would recommend this to anyone.


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