by ratty

6 Comments to “STAY SANE”

  1. Phew ! That was a race against time. After all, the post has only been up 48 hours.

    However, despite fierce competition during this small period of time, I have managed to submit the FIRST comment and the FIRST “Like.” – OlĂ© ! (as they say in Germany.)

    Better luck next time, peeps.


  2. You keen bastard.

    For a couple of days now, I’ve been mulling over considering thinking about the possibility that maybe I’ll get round to submitting the first comment on this gem of a post – and then BAM! – out of nowhere comes a lightning fast response to beat me to it.


  3. . . . and have you managed to count them yet?

    Or perhaps the Open University Advanced Mathematics course hasn’t yet arrived.


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