Oh, sorry . . .

by NobblySan

I nearly forgot.

Merry Christmas to whoever may be looking in and reading this.

5 Comments to “Oh, sorry . . .”

  1. Thank you very much, and a Merry Christmas to you, too.

    (I would have replied sooner, but I was way too pissed up.)

    If you do something similar for a “Happy New Year,” then I should comment sometime around February.



  2. Dear [insert name here],

    We, the undersigned, wish to thank you for having taken the time and trouble to respond to our carefully crafted message of yuletide felicitations.

    Reader engagement is very important to us here at the Madhatters, and it is reassuring to receive comments such as yours as it shows that we are hitting the right mark with our posting strategy and not just wasting our fucking time

    Unfortunately, with regard to your question related to a heartfelt expression of goodwill to all on or around New Year’s day, I must report that my personal quota of toss donation has been exceeded for this financial year, and any further extensions of my toss donation budget are unlikely to be approved by the management. In this case, I must report that with no possibility of me giving a toss, I would ask you to consider awaiting a post from other MH authors, who may possibly have either some toss, or even a shit, left to give.

    Yours in blogging,

    etc. etc.


  3. I do apologise M. Ratty, but I am not aware of this ‘English’ that you mention.

    By way of some small consolation, I have arranged for one of our premier linguists to translate my earlier communication into Jive for you.

    I trust that this is more palatable:

    Dear [insert dojigger here],

    We, de undersigned, wish t’dank ya’ fo’ havin’ snatchn de time and trouble t’respond t’our carefully crafted message uh yuletide felicitashuns.

    Reada’ engagement be very impo’tant t’us here at da damn Madhatters, and it be reassurin’ t’receive comments such as yo’s as it shows dat we is hittin’ de right Amos wid our postin’ strategy and not plum wuztin’ our fuckin’ time

    Unfo’tunately, wid regard t’yo’ quesshun related t’a heartfelt ‘espression uh baaaadgots’ta to all on o’ around New Year’s day, ah’ gots’ta repo’t dat mah’ sucka’al quota uh toss donashun gots been ‘seeded fo’ dis financial year, and any furda’ extensions uh my toss donashun budget is unlikesly t’be approved by de management. Man! In dis case, ah’ gots’ta repo’t dat wid no possibility uh me givin’ some toss, ah’ would ax’ ya’ t’consida’ awaitin’ some post fum oda’ MH audo’s, who may possibly gots eida’ some toss, o’ even some shit, left t’give.

    Yo’s in bloggin’,

    etc. Co’ got d’ beat! etc. Co’ got d’ beat!


    • Aye, ‘a’ is much mooar betta, Mista Sans Nobbly.

      Na why couln’t theur av done ‘a’ int’ beginnin ?

      (One’s jolly cracking wishes to you, one’s old bean.)


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