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February 14, 2020

Something for the Weak End

by ratty

February 7, 2020

Something for the lost weekend #406

by NobblySan

There can only be one tune for this one


January 30, 2020

For he’s a jolly good fellow

by NobblySan

I always did like Bill.


If he proposes it, I’ll second it.


January 26, 2020

SFTW #405

by NobblySan

This is beautiful stuff from Peter Hammill.

Just sit back, close your eyes, relax, and listen.

After all, the subtitled lyrics won’t mean much to most people . . .

January 19, 2020

O come all ye Conspiracy Theorists

by NobblySan

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen; can you please be seated as I call to order this Extraordinary General Meeting of the Guild of Conspiracy Theorists (West Midlands branch)

If it is OK with everybody, I’ll skip the usual formalities such as Apologies for Absence, and get straight to the heart of the matter; namely the disappearance of Duncan ‘BigD’ [surname withheld for legal reasons] from The Mad Hatters blog.

I know, my friends, that in the past you have served the cause well in coming up with some fantastic theories and explanations  for a range of (ahem) ‘events’ of national and international importance – The moon-landings, the lack of trousers on Donald Duck and the apparent inability of The Mighty Villa to win the Premier League being right up there with the best of them.

However, in this latest matter of utmost importance, I must call upon your services one more time to explain away the lack of posts from our scruffy, drunken, bearded, dog-loving friend.

There are obvious explanations that spring to mind, such as:

  1. He’s died
  2. He’s ill
  3. He’s got so fucked off with it that he’s ditched the MH  as a New Year’s Resolution
  4. Him and ‘allthoughtswork’ (also conspicuous by her post-new year absence) have run away together to start a new life in Dudley

However, these are simple and obvious conclusions to which to jump, and clearly the work of a sad and little-used imagination –  I’ll say no more about them.

So, my friends – flex your wrists, crack your knuckles, top up your imaginations with a dose of something alcoholic and get typing!

Time is of the essence.


January 16, 2020

Summat fer t’weekend #404

by NobblySan

A bunch of lads from Yorkshire

January 11, 2020

Something (belatedly) for the weekend #403

by NobblySan

Dunc has been doing this for too long for us to miss a week.

Here’s some classy blues from a couple of old gits who know a thing or two about guitars.


November 12, 2019

Are you fasting or are you starving? It’s pretty easy to tell

by allthoughtswork

I’ve heard it said that fasting is when food is available but you decide not to eat it and starving is when food is not available and you’re not happy about it but that’s not quite right, is it?

Because I’ve seen people who are clearly starving, walking around the supermarket with full grocery carts.

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November 10, 2019

Lifeguard fired for saving a man’s life

by allthoughtswork

Yup, Florida.

November 9, 2019

Strange answers to the psychopath test

by allthoughtswork

Still one of the most unsettling TED talks I’ve ever seen. On so many levels.