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December 12, 2017

Should be an app for that

by allthoughtswork

My grandpa sends me this every time I'm on my phone next to him

This grandpa sends this photo to his grandson every time the kid is sitting next to him, looking down at his smartphone. I like this grandpa.

December 12, 2017

The day Fox stopped lying

by allthoughtswork

I’m not sure Fox News thought this graphic through

was a funny, funny day for the rest of us.

December 11, 2017

Couldn’t have said it better, myself, kid

by allthoughtswork

Girl And Pres

December 10, 2017

How long does it take Americans to learn they’re being insulted in your country?

by allthoughtswork


For Trump, you just black out the entire globe and write in: “Try Ritalin.”

December 9, 2017

Could you identify your city by smell?

by allthoughtswork

Image result for city smell funny

People actually study this stuff. I grew up in the rural Midwest, so cow and horse aromatherapy doesn’t bother me like burnt French Fry grease and stale cigarettes do. I have friends who swear fresh cut hay makes them hack, yet they can inhale diesel fumes like they’re vaping. That’s weird.

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December 8, 2017


by allthoughtswork

There’s really nothing one can say after a spectacular display like this but the folks in the comments section of Huffington Post sure did a bang-up job.

December 7, 2017

God Blesh the United Shtatsh

by duncanr

am I wicked to hope trump’s speech slurring was not the result of something trivial – like his false teeth trying to escape his mouth or because he was pished after consuming a liquid lunch – but a symptom of a neurological condition that will warrant his removal from office on medical grounds?

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December 6, 2017

Sic ’em, John!

by allthoughtswork

Fuck you, Dustin. Your speech is proof of your acting ability, in your greatest role: Covering My Ass.

Every single fucking man brought to task on this topic has first denied his assholery to women.

If that doesn’t work, he accuses her of being crazy/confused/bent on attention/etc.

If that doesn’t work, he utters some slimey version of “That’s not how I remember it.”

If that doesn’t work, he confesses the crime but declares it was misconstrued, that she misinterpreted what he was really doing, what really happened.

If that doesn’t work, he offers a half-hearted politician’s apology that goes something like  “I’m sorry if you were offended by something I did” which shirks all culpability.

And if that doesn’t work, and the dirt his detectives have dug up on the poor girl is not compelling and the lawyers’ smear campaign hasn’t lodged serious enough doubt in the public’s mind about her, he bows out “gracefully” and moves on.

Meanwhile, there’s a woman out there (often many), violated and wondering when someone is going to look her straight in the eye and say: “It was wrong. It wasn’t your fault. You did NOT bring this on yourself. You deserve a good life.”

How do I know all this? Vagina.

I’ve been there. Over and over and over and over. And my crime? Inspiring somebody’s penis without my knowledge or consent.

Fuck you, Dustin.

December 5, 2017

Bob Mueller Gave to Me . . .

by duncanr

December 5, 2017

*Mic drop*

by allthoughtswork

Everybody’s just returning to the mothership.