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May 31, 2018

It’s my 8th anniversary on WordPress!

by allthoughtswork

8 Year Anniversary Achievement

I’d like to thank the hideous, head-up-ass Portland hiking club that wouldn’t let me speak my mind on their forum, forcing me to leave their administrative team and seek out more progressive artistic venues. If it weren’t for their impossibly puckered nether regions, you wouldn’t be basking in the rosy glow of my rum-soaked genius today. 

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May 20, 2017

How Time Flies

by duncanr

gosh, 10 years?

no wonder we’re bloody tired!

March 1, 2017

R.I.P Gerard Vlemmings

by duncanr

long before Madhatters was launched, I read other folk’s blogs

two of my favourites were Kev at ‘Nothing to do with Arbroath‘ and Gerard at ‘The Presurfer

sadly, Kev died of lung cancer earlier this year

now Gerard, too, has gone – also from lung cancer

Gerard started blogging on Sept 24, 2000

he had a large following and will be missed by many folk from all corners of the world who never met him but for whom he was a part of their daily lives!

November 25, 2016

Madhatters Goes Polyglot

by duncanr

polyglot-300x225madhatters has gone International

we’ve taken advantage of a new feature offered by WordPress

there’s a new widget at the top of our right side bar that automatically translates madhatters into any of the languages supported by Google Translate – just click the down arrow, select your language of choice and ‘hey presto’, it’s done

go on, try it – you know you want to !

October 15, 2016

The Girl Done Good

by duncanr

tric-with-beardI’ve read countless number of blogs over the years, and enjoyed a good many of them

there’s a lot of very talented bloggers out there and it’s nice when that talent receives the wider recognition it deserves

congratulations then to one of my favourite bloggers – Tric (she hates getting her pic shown so I’ve disguised her appearance 😆 ) who has been signed up to write a weekly column in the Irish Examiminer

you can read her latest article for the Examiner here –

and read her blog here –

July 6, 2016

Breaking News – Scots Invade England

by duncanr


Read all about it here

May 20, 2016

Madhatter Birthday

by duncanr

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 14.21.32

May 2, 2016

Facing the Lion

by duncanr

tables turnedmadhatters has not always been called that

we had a different name once

when we decided a change was in order, we asked for suggestions and created a poll so folk could vote for their favourite

it was a close run thing but Madhatters emerged as the eventual winner – thanks to a late surge of votes from South Africa

there were suspicions that . . .

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April 7, 2016

Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

by duncanr

benand jerry ice creamas many of you know, I am due to retire in a few weeks and will perforce be seeking ways to reduce my expenditure so that it does not outstrip me reduced income

a useful source to help in this regard is this website – – which I would recommend any madhatter readers in the UK to bookmark

for instance, did you know that . . .

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March 1, 2016

Hope Alopecia

by duncanr

duncmonk1read about this – and other – terrible afflictions, and those most at risk of succumbing to them, here –