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March 3, 2019

Poppy Pecking Parrots of Madhya Pradesh

by duncanr

peeved planters in Madhya Pradesh are getting pissed off at pesky parrots pecking and pinching their poppies to feed their opium addiction –

January 3, 2019

3 in a Bed no Fun

by duncanr

in some circumstances, the idea of 3 in a bed would be quite a pleasing prospect – not so much, however, in this case !

November 14, 2018

The Right Place at the Right Time

by duncanr

A group of boys were playing on a street – in Pusad in Maharashtra, India – when their kite got stuck on the third floor balcony of a building. Swapnil Zagre, 11, went up the building and managed to free the kite, which fell to the ground.

His friend Amol, also 11, who was on the ground, rushed to pick up the kite and bent over. At that exact same moment Swapnil fell from the third floor and landed on Amol, breaking his fall and saving his life

[neither boy was seriously hurt]

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November 7, 2018

Happy Diwali 2018

by duncanr

today Hindus and Sikhs across the world celebrate Diwali – the Festival of Lights – marking the victory of light over dark, good over evil by lighting lamps inside and outside homes, shops, and public spaces, and exchanging food and presents with friends and family

October 3, 2018

You had me at “giant Technicolor squirrels”

by allthoughtswork

Related image


Yes, India’s giant Malabar squirrels are real. Think of the nuts.


September 18, 2018

Try This at Home BUT . . .

by duncanr

don’t blame me if you make a mess!

July 9, 2018

We are Humanity

by duncanr

The Jarawa are the last descendants of the first humans. They travelled from Africa to Asia, 70 000 years ago. They are the ancestors of the Asian people and the American natives. There are only 400 people left and they are in great danger. –


June 28, 2018

Woman Adds Poison to Dhal

by duncanr

some folk don’t take kindly to criticism, no matter how justified it may be

clearly this woman is one of those –

May 27, 2018

BBC Fact Check

by duncanr

May 26, 2018

Sikh Langar

by duncanr

I have several times enjoyed the free vegetarian meal provided to visitors, regardless of faith (or lack of), when invited to a local gurdwara by some Sikh friends, and often wondered how the kitchen manages to produce so much food for so many folk, so I was fascinated to watch this video and see how it’s done in this Delhi gurdwara . . .