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May 5, 2018

Irish Fighting Talk

by duncanr

a group of travellers in Ireland has posted a video challenging another group of travellers currently in England to return to Ireland for a fight

helpful – though not entirely accurate at times – subtitles have been added to the video for those struggling to understand the accent

March 30, 2018

Margaret Gallagher

by duncanr

Margaret Gallagher lives alone in a 280 year old cottage in Co. Fermanagh, in Ireland, with no running water, electricity or phone

the BBC produced a documentary about Margaret, and her way of life, back in 1992 – it’s 30 minutes long but well worth the time to watch it


RTÉ One broadcast a short . . .

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March 29, 2018

How to tell the Mad Hatters writers apart

by allthoughtswork

I’m the one on the left.

March 18, 2018

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, don’t forget the aspirin

by allthoughtswork

Image result for irish yoga

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March 17, 2018

St Patrick’s Day

by duncanr

today is St Patrick’s Day and this Dublin pub is getting ready to welcome celebrants

March 13, 2018

Cork Cows like ‘Britches full of Stitches’

by duncanr

January 7, 2018

Irish Tossers Eye Record

by duncanr

unlike the Scots, who love to toss a caber for sport and demonstration of strength and skill, Irish competitive tree hurling is a much more fun festive thing –

December 31, 2017

Ho, Ro, the Rattlin’ Bog

by duncanr

been years since I last heard this sung at a family gathering . . .

December 26, 2017

St Stephen’s Day

by duncanr

St Stephen’s Day, the 26th December, is called Lá Fhéile Stiofáin or Lá an Dreoilín, meaning the Wren Day in Eire – People dress up in old clothes, wear straw hats and travel from door to door with fake wrens (previously real wrens were killed) and they dance, sing and play musicwikipedia

December 4, 2017

‘One whiff and you’re stiff’

by duncanr

the hitherto little known outside of Ireland village of Ringaskiddy in county Cork – where women are always smiling, men walk with a limp, and dogs have rock hard erections – is going to attract a lot more visitors when this news leaks out –